Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement is one of the most familiar and well acclaimed joint replacement procedures in the field of Orthopaedics. If we talk about India, around 15 crore Indians suffer from knee related problems that drastically impact their quality of life. In fact, approximately 120,000 total knee replacement procedures are performed in India annually. A lot of patients prefer to undergo knee replacement surgery in Delhi owing to the use of highly advanced technology that helps to give unparalleled results.

The normal functioning of the knee joints is very important as our knees perform a plethora of functions that are important for maintaining a proper equilibrium in our daily life. Our knee joints move millions of times to enable us to perform various activities like walking, sitting/squatting, climbing, playing, dancing etc. without which our life would be miserable. Arthritis can drastically impact this normal functioning of the knee joints thereby giving rise to immense pain, stiffness and even deformities, which become more evident over time. All these can affect our ability to indulge in various day to day activities.


Being one of the best primary & revision knee joint replacement surgeons in Delhi, Dr. Pankaj Bajaj has transformed the lives of numerous patients and helped them to get back on their feet without any pain or discomfort.

Knee replacement surgery is usually recommended when the knee joint is damaged beyond repair. Depending upon the extent of this damage, knee replacement procedure may vary from person to person. The various options available include:

  • Partial (Unicondylar) knee replacement
  • Primary total knee replacement
  • Revision total knee replacement
  • Computer navigation assisted total knee replacement
  • Patient specific knee implant based total knee replacement
  • Minimally invasive knee replacement
  • Hi Flex total knee replacement

Total Knee Replacement surgical procedure is suited best for patients whose knee joints have been completely damaged by degenerative joint issues like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, post traumatic arthritis, etc.

During the surgical procedure, the affected joint is supplanted (replaced) by a prosthetic joint that is created specially to fit in. The artificial joint is properly cemented into the place to negate any risks of dislocation or loosening. Over 95% of the patients with severe knee pain and stiffness have shown considerable improvement after the surgery and most are able to walk 24 hours after surgery, thoughwith the help of walking aid initially.

Total knee replacement gives you freedom of movement by relieving symptoms like pain and stiffness, correcting the deformity by the use of prosthetics and deterring the need of using a wheelchair or walker. The surgery helps the patients to return close to their normal lifestyle and continue their day to day activities which had to be, otherwise, frequently put on hold due to extreme joint pain.

Total Knee Replacement not only enhances the quality of your life but also gives you the freedom of movement by allowing you to return to your routine activities, attend social functions, enjoy holidays, etc.

Total knee replacement gives you “freedom from pain & movement for life” by providing relieffrom excruciating pain, stiffness, swelling, instability anddeformity. It also gives you freedom from walking aids such as wheelchair or walker. Knee replacement surgeryenhances the quality of life by helping you regain your life and activities which were put on hold due to debilitating knee arthritis.

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