Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip replacement surgery is the most common and successful joint replacement procedures in Orthopedic Surgery. Now approx. 200,000 Total Hip Replacement operations are done in India alone every year.

Our knee joint moves millions of time to allow us to do routine activities like walking, sitting/squatting, climbing, playing, dancing etc in our life without us even knowing. Arthritis of the Hip joint makes our joint painful, stiff and deformed thereby restricting our activities significantly.


Total Hip Replacement

  • Primary & Revision THR
  • Ceramic / Oxinium Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement surgery has been one of the most common and successful procedures in Orthopedic Surgery for treating patients crippled with arthritis of the hip joint.

Total Hip replacement surgery involves removing the damaged ball and socket of the arthritic hip joint. The top part of the thigh bone (femur head) is either removed and a metal implant fits within the central canal of the femur (conventional total hip replacement) or femoral head is reshapened and a metal cap fits on it (resurfacing total hip replacement). All the cartilage along with some bone is then removed from the socket (acetabulum), and a new socket is fixed in its place. This newly replaced ball and socket joint gives new joint and allow painless movement.

Total Hip replacement surgery brings dramatic relief in joint pain, correction of deformity and equalization of the limb length. Total Hip Replacement not only improves your quality of life but also gives you independence by allowing you to return to your routine activities like driving, attending offices, social functions, enjoying holidays, sports like bicycling, swimming, golf, etc.

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